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Top Disability Benefits Lawyers In Toronto and The GTA

If you are having problems with your group disability insurer then you need an employment lawyer

Do You Identify With Any of These Situations?

Toronto Employment and Disability Lawyers - Short Term Disability

Short Term Disability

Did you know that almost all Short Term Disability plans are funded by your employer and not the insurance company, who are simply hired to weed out as many claims as possible?

Toronto Employment and Disability Lawyers - Tearing Up The Contract

Long Term Disability

Are you being pressured to return back to work before you are recovered or receiving veiled threats of being terminated from your employment?

Toronto Employment and Disability Lawyers - Disability Claim Denied

My Benefits Have Been Cut Off

Were your disability benefits cut off suddenly for a technicality or for no good reason?

Toronto Employment and Disability Lawyers - Fired For Being On Disability

Feeling Unwelcome After Returning to Work

Have you just returned back to work and found your position filled and now feel like you are walking around with a bulls-eye on your back?

Disability Claims Denied?

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About Our Fees

Legal costs should never be a deterrent to obtaining your lawful entitlements. For most cases, no “up front” retainer is required. We work on percentage of recovery system and base our legal fees on the results obtained through your settlement or a legal determination.

Does your employer offer group benefits to cover you for short term disability claims and long term disability claims? Most people never need them however it is great to know you will be covered should you need to take time off to recover from an illness or injury.


Years Experience

It is great to know you will be covered should you need to take time off

But is that really the case?

You fall ill or get injured and have to take time off from work; a review of your Employee Benefits Booklet leads you to believe you are covered financially; you speak to your boss and the HR department and fill out all the required forms.

And that’s when the trouble begins

Your Disability Benefits are Denied!

Indeed almost all Short Term Disability plans are funded by your employer and not the insurance company, who are simply hired to weed out as many claims as possible!

Our fees are collected at the end of your case, and based upon a percentage of what we recover for you.

Just when you need to focus on getting better, you have to worry about money because the disability benefit cheques you believed would arrive monthly, fail to materialize.

Or if they eventually do start flowing, you begin getting pressure to return back to work before you are recovered, or maybe you have received veiled threats of being terminated from your employment ; worst of all, your benefits get cut off prematurely due to a technicality.

Eventually, once you do return back to work, your position has been filled and you feel like you are walking around with a bulls-eye on your back. If you are familiar with any of these situations, you need to get in touch with an Employment / Disability Lawyer right away.

A personal injury lawyer will not be able to navigate through this area of law – they simply deal with matters that involve your health and your insurance company.

This is truly a complex employment matter – what you need is an employee’s lawyer who not just understands disability and personal injury law, but is also well versed with matters related to endangerment to your employment security such as constructive dismissal, wrongful dismissal, breach of your employment contract with the denial of your employment benefits, as well as some very serious implications related to breach of your medical privacy.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Stuart L

    My experience with Lecker & Associates was exceptional! I found them to be very caring, skillful and knowledgable. They were responsive to my needs and I was able to secure a favourable outcome.
    If you want a firm with a great track record that will totally support you with difficult employment issues i would highly recommend the experts at Lecker and Associates.

  • Liz DeCarlo

    I was referred to Lecker & Associates by a friend who was also very pleased with their experience. From the first day I made contact with the office, till the time I reached a settlement, I found their customer service to be expedient and knowledgeable, which was very welcome during a time that was confusing and frustrating for me. I always felt that I was listened to, and that my interests were important to them. Their technical skills and knowledge, and expertise in this specialized field were in my opinion, outstanding. I truly appreciate the work completed by Matthew, Maria, Tina and Dora.

  • Bill Davis

    You couldn't ask for a better group of individuals to represent you. Their professionalism and knowledge of Employment maters instils confidence right from the start that you have made the right decision by coming to them to help you. Having Lecker & Associates represent us was the best decision I could have ever made. Even though you are a client, you feel as if you have a friend right there beside you when it feel like nothing will ever go right again. Thank you Bram, Eslita, Ian and Jesse for everything you have done for me and my family.

  • Jayson Nusbaum

    I just want to thank everyone at Lecker & Associates for all the hard work they put into my case. They were very easy to work with and got me everything I deserved (and them some). I would also like to extend an EXTRA thank you to Eslita Ramkishun who had to put up with my countless questions and emails for the past few months :)

  • Rick Peter

    I had a very good experience working with the Lecker team. They were extremely knowledgable and supportive through my interaction with my previous employer. With their guidance I secured the settlement that met my expectations.


Bram Lecker
Bram Lecker

Lecker and Associates is a boutique firm specializing in exactly this area of law.  We have seen it all and are well armed to wade into this type of fight for you. For over 35 years, we have successfully helped thousands of individuals who took time off from work to recover from an illness or injury, and who found themselves unwittingly caught up in situations just like the ones described above.

When you make the decision that to be informed is to be armed, and you are ready to take them on,

Lecker & Associates will help.

The first step is to be informed; calling us in the early stages will arm you with information to properly deal with this process.

If your case has escalated beyond your control, you do not need to go through this situation alone – we can help.

We have over 25 years experience handling cases just like this. Let Us Help You Today

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