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Maria Esmatyar

Maria Esmatyar, B.A.(Hons.), J.D., is an associate with Lecker & Associates, specializing in employment law and employment-related disability matters. Her practice focuses on advocating employment and disability matters on behalf of employees seeking to enforce their rights in employment areas.

Specifically, Maria provides services to employers and employees in matters relating to wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, employment contracts, employment standards, human rights, sexual harassment in the workplace, workplace discrimination, disability claims, and other work related items.

Prior to joining Lecker & Associates, Maria completed her articles at a major Bay street law firm. Her experience includes work on “management-side” labour and employment law, corporate law and general litigation. Maria has obtained her Juris Doctor and holds an Honours, Bachelor of Arts degree, specializing in history.

In her spare time, Maria enjoys and has written many articles on a variety of employment related matters from both a management perspective and an employee perspective.

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