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Toronto Disability Claims Lawyer Bram Lecker

Many Canadian employees enjoy the perks of having short term disability benefits and long term disability benefits included as part of their employment contract.  Most are so enamored with the initial contract that they do not bother to read the fine print. When disaster strikes and they apply for this benefit, almost always, they face the rude awakening of having their disability benefits denied.

 30 Years as a Toronto Disability Claims Lawyer

As a Toronto disability claims lawyer with over 30 years of experience, I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly side of this specialty in litigation; employers either help or hinder this process but alarmingly, the story of the bad employer is getting increasingly common.

When I first opened my Toronto employment law office in 1986, I observed with growing frequency the foundations of a one-sided work relationship, where the employer has most of the control and the employee has few.

It has been a sobering experience to witness employers taking opportune advantage to repackage their relationship with those employees who are shell shocked by illness.

“Foundations of a One-Sided Work Relationship”

In my experience, the various branches of the Canadian legal system do not possess the deep specialization of employment disability law to bring these types of disputes to rapid conclusion. And burden for this deficiency is borne squarely by the disabled worker.

Insurance Companies and Employers Best Interests

At many workplaces, disability discriminations exist while the notions of sympathy and compassion simply do not exist.

disability claim denied

Disability Claim Denied in Toronto? Call Us.

This is exemplified by the uncaring attitude and indifference of bosses and human resources personnel towards ill employees who are treated as ‘damaged goods’.

They are pushed into the care of the insurance company and with that, the despairing worker enters a process akin to manoeuvring through a labyrinth with a blindfold.

They quickly discover that in order to be entitled to their Toronto Disability Claim, they will have to put up a fight from a point of disadvantage.

It is in the insurance companies and employers best interest to deny disability claims and they have become increasingly efficient at monitoring what passes through their assembly line. Many sick and desperate employees will have their disability claim denied over technicalities.

Without a knowledgeable Toronto disability claims lawyer by their side to help manage their disability case, they almost have no hope.  This area of specialty requires a lawyer who understands the law around employment benefits as well as one who is well versed in medical nuances of the employee’s illness to properly take on the insurance adjusters at their own game.

“It is in the insurance companies and employers best interest to deny disability claims”

I dug deeply into this area of law because I realized that it was possible to help a segment of the population that was particularly vulnerable and helping those appealing a denied disability claim.

Most of the clients that I see are senior managers who have worked for over twenty years for the same employer.  They are all commonly dealing with staggering levels of workplace stress, illness and social isolation – all endemic of the modern work experience.  And during a leave of absence due to an illness, a denial of their disability claim can leave them financial insecure, making their symptoms worse, not better.

Abusive treatment by Insurance Adjusters is often sanctioned by the employer, who conveniently washes their hands off, leaving this loyal and long term employee completely abandoned.   

If you have had short term or long term disability benefits denied and need disability assistance, call us.  Our team of experienced Toronto Disability Claim Lawyers can help.

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